Tyavarekoppa Lion and Tiger Safari is located in Karnataka, India,with an area of 250 hectares, at a distance of about 10km from Shimoga, and 275km from Bangalore. Started in 1988, it is Karnataka's second safari park, after Bannerghatta National Park near Bangalore. Despite the name, the lion and tiger are neither the only animals here, nor are they the only big cats here.Asiatic lions, Bengal tigers and Indian leopards are kept in separate enclosures and they are viewed by a guided "safari" vehicle. A relatively rare black panther was born here during 2012, and is available for public view as a caged animal. In 2005, a tigress gave birth to cubs here.On the 2nd of March 2006, four tigers killed a casual laborer who fell down while repairing iron gates.A tigress which strayed into nearby villages was captured and kept in this safari.