Nagara is a historic village in the Shimoga district,Karnataka. It is 17 kilometres from Hosanagara or 84km from Shimoga. This was called "Bidanur (Bidanoor)" or "Bidnur (Bidanoor)" earlier during the 16th century, this was the last capital city of Keladi rulers. Nagara was resided by an independence activist by the name of Sripathy Rao Baliga (1914–2003) who continued to work for the welfare of the village in the post independence era.On the hill, within the fort, there are Darbar Hall (King's Court), remains of a palace, two tanks called Akka Thangi Kola (Tanks of two sisters), and a cannon. Devaganga tank is a cluster of seven tanks for bathing. Nagara in Kannada language literally means city.